My name is Edina Kiss, I was born in Dunaújváros in 1973. I graduated from the Széchenyi István Grammar School, and then from the Kecskemét Teacher Training College in 1997. I worked as a teacher for five years, then after my children were born (2002, 2004), I stayed at home on maternity leave. During this period (2008-2011) I obtained my Yoga Teacher Diplomas (Children's Yoga, Spinal Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga). I taught both children's and adult groups in Szentendre and the surrounding area. For several years I published my professional yoga articles and articles on a medical website ( and in Elixir Magazine.

Szólamok a szívkamrából

The stories of Edina Kiss encapsulate something essential of the human experience, each of them an occasion to contemplate our most basic psychological imprints. Our hearts are home to many harmonies; those that harm us and  those that empower and reinvigorate us. We might find ourselves better attuned to “those flashes of natural catharsis, when we feel truly alive” (My Song).

Cardial Harmonies is a reminder that the healing power of books can teach us to focus inward as well as outward. It helps us see what really matters, and guides us towards a more authentic way of life. These stories deal with important  themes like self-love, facing our traumas, grief and loss, relationship crises, dealing with isolation, establishing inner order and integrity. They may be considered therapeutic stories, whose characters encounter various arts (writing, dance, music, architecture) and profound locations (nature trails, scenes of their family past, or places reminiscent of good times) in order to heal and to find their true selves, and also build connection with each other.
Dr. Judit Béres
personal book therapist and counselor, teacher, researcher


Blind Faith

The Trail

Silver glitter

The Wish


Jaguar Power

Tale of a Deal

The Olive Tree

Healing writing in practice

The poem as a mantra

Nature and literature interview interview


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