Égszínkék, 2020 kezdőlap

"The collection of short stories focuses on relationships. For it is through our relationships with others, with ourselves and with the world that we interpret and experience ourselves. But the writer does not idealise them, but presents them realistically, showing how they are sometimes a source of strength, a catalyst and a source of our soaring, and at other times the source of suffering, pain and loss. In one way or another, they leave a mark on our souls for a lifetime.
It is particularly fascinating to see the dynamics of the male-female bond emerging at different stages of the relationship in the independent short stories. From the thrill of getting to know someone to the many challenges of marriage.
What is common to all the stories is that the protagonist is a high-spirited character, in touch with internal or external resources that can help him or her break the deadlock or catalyse progress.
It is a veritable treasure trove of resources and coping strategies that, if we become aware of them, can serve as a model and inspiration for us too.
The stories are exciting, maintaining curiosity throughout, but often with a surprise ending. It is the conclusion that brings together and often gives a whole new meaning to the picture we have had. The volume is both arresting and thought-provoking."
Anikó Miskei, Psychologist, Healing Writing Facilitator



"The short story is a window. The author looks out of it and observes the person who walks past in that half minute. It's not how he or she writes, but what he or she notices in the outside world, whether he or she senses the well and the pendulum, and then burns with the desire to tell it to anyone. To everyone.
The greatest short story writers were not lifted up by their pens, but by their eyes. Readers are not looking for complexity, they are looking to express their own feelings.
Edina Kiss sees the family curse in Égszínkék, the fear in Csillagtolvaj, the deceitful lover in A repedés. Edina Kiss has a window."
Krisz Nádasi, Writers’ Editor



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