Outtakes kezdőlap

The Olive Tree

I look at the photo. It's the one with me leaning against an olive tree, before the bungalow on Santorini.

Tale of a Deal

The gate goes creak.
He's home at last!
I'm so happy I shake myself, this feels like the light of a thousand skies shining on me.

Jaguar Power

Up until I turned five, it went without saying that a mother lived and breathed solely in order for us kids to always stay happy, safe to make mischief all day long or sniffle on their arm until the end of our days.


According to mythology, Queen Cassiopeia boasted being more beautiful even than the nymphs.

The Wish

The anesthetic holds, but this still feels like having a tank grinding over my jaw.

Silver glitter

An unaccountable feeling came over me after I got off the phone. What caught me off guard was how his confession struck me so matter-of-factly, despite my having laid down to bed all those times bunching up our double pillows under my face  (I couldn't lose the habit of changing his bedlinen too), with the one hope to see me through to the next morning that he's sure to come back.

Sky Blue part 2

Ági measured out the coffee and arranged the cookies on a tray.

Sky Blue part 1

All evening I could hardly wait for everyone to fall sleep, then at ten thirty I brewed a liter of strong black tea and pulled the study door shut.

The Trail

Once you step on the trail, the city closes up behind and a smothering mist of Silence envelopes you. 

Blind Faith

He sat at a side table on the terrace. Eyes closed, enjoying the silence. The sun covered him in gold, a silhouette of light pulsing around his body.

Fiddler's Valley

Balázs stopped and leaned against a tree to catch his breath. Shifting the violin on his back, he rolled his head in tight circles and tapped out a rhythm on on his thigh.

The Split

She smoothed her palm over the soft jacket, unsure what the material was: cashmere perhaps? Lifting the pointy collars she sniffed, a familiar smell. Closing her eyes. Tempera. Or wallpaint. Her husband's shirts before she did their laundry.


This is where I should just run. Now, and perhaps avoid seeing the headbanging and swinging from the microphone stand, she thought.


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